Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaving Your Legacy

I work at a religious organization and every Wednesday we have the option of attending a brief chapel service. Usually a few praise songs are sung and then someone speaks for only about 15 or so minutes. It's a nice time to interact on a spiritual level with my coworkers. It's also a nice break from the office. I have had the opportunity to hear some amazing stories, testimonies and sermons, and today was no different.

Today the speaker talked about leaving your legacy. This topic was very personal to me - if you'll recall, my grandfather just passed away in January. My grandfather definitely left us a legacy to remember. The speaker today is a writer and expressed to us the importance of written communication in order to leave a legacy. Think about it? Have you lost someone close to you and then found things that they have written weeks, months or even years later? When my grandfather died, it was such a special time for me when we went through his closet trying on old hats and scarves. I even took a pair of his hardly worn pajamas home with me. But the things that really meant the most to our family were the things he wrote: love letters to my grandmother, notes in his Bible, birthday cards, his journal, etc.

So the challenge left with us today was "how will you tell your story?" What will you pass down to the next generation? Sure there will be stories but the things your loved ones will hold on to most likely will be the things you have written.

If you have been encouraged to tell your story, here are some questions to help you get started:
  • Who do you consider one of the most influential people in your life? and Why?

  • Do you remember an event in your life that literally shocked your world and changed the direction of your life? What happened? Who was involved?

  • Where is your "hiding place" - the place where you can escape from the worries of this world, feel safe, and relax, think, pray....? Describe it.

Also, if you have stories about your grandparents or parents that you just LOVE, write them down. Create your own journal because you will leave a legacy whether you want to or not.

-These notes and thoughts were inspired by our guest speaker today, Karen Jordan.

-Photo taken by Christen and Ryan Byrd.

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