Our house is a zoo! I can't tell you how many times those words have come out of our mouths. I didn't really believe it until maybe our third or perhaps our FOURTH animal. Let's meet the Crew!

I'm Cara Beth. I am a wife, a photographer, a free spirit, creative, sometimes messy and a mom to 12 yes, TWELVE rescue animals. 
Things I am passionate about:: 

  • buying local & supportive small businesses 
  • learning to grow my own food & eat organically & cleanly 
  • rescuing animals and training dogs, 
  • art and supporting new artists, 
  • traveling, connecting with new people & having new adventures
  • being an encouragement to others
  • finding beauty through photography, helping others find beauty in themselves through photography

He's Brent. My husband. There are really no words to describe this man. He is my rock. My everything. He cooks for me. He second shoots for me. He takes care of me when I'm sick. He goes and gets me a glass of water in the kitchen when I'm being lazy. ;) To truly know Brent Buie is to know a man of honesty and integrity beyond compare. Oh, and I refer to him in this blog as "Buie" or "B." I rarely call him Brent. :)

Together we are The Buies. United in Holy Matrimony on July 5, 2008, we make a pretty good team, I think. We even have shirts made that say "Team Buie." Yeah, we're dorks like that.  We love sleeping in, watching cheesy crime show and want to one day travel to Europe together.  We LOVE football and since moving to North Louisiana we try to make most of the Louisiana Tech home football games, where B is currently enrolled in graduate school. Marriage is definitely not easy but we're in this together. And there is none I'd rather be stuck with that him! 

Buie and I are both very involved in animal rescue and have a sort of collection of them. On this blog we will talk about our fur kids a lot so it's best you get a proper introduction, so let's get started, shall we? :)

Hazel is our first born. She is a feline. I guess I got her as a kitten in 2005 so that makes 11 years old this summer. She is a diva to put it nicely. She has to be everywhere you are and in everyone's business. She will be everywhere she in NOT suppossed to be:: in drawers, on top on the refrigerator and she just managed to get on top of the mantel. She likes to be up high; I guess it makes her feel in control. She's a strange one, but that's Hazel.

George Porgie. I got George in 2006, I believe. I actually was at a bachelorette party, believe it or not, in Louisiana, in the middle of the woods and we found a litter a kittens. Of course, I picked the cutest one - low and behold, I bring you George, the laziest cat known to mankind. He is the epitimy of all that is fat and lazy, that is BEFORE the vet ordered him to be put on a diet. NOW he only eats 1/4 cup of food twice a day...poor guy. After he lost a 1/3 of his body weight he sleeps even more to forget about the hunger that is eating away inside of him. He is in fact the coolest cat ever.
Sadly, Georgie passed away in 2011. Click here to read his story. 

Conner is my baby. There are not enough pages to describe my Conner. I had always wanted a cocker spaniel of some kind. My grandmother had a couple of cockers and always talked about them. My boss's fishing buddy was selling his cocker and I jumped at the opportunity! I must mention the fact that Buie said buying Conner was a mistake (and to tell you the truth at the time it probably was). I lived in a tiny condo. I already had two cats. I didn't have a yard for a dog to run and play but Conner was the cutest dog I had ever seen. He is the best mistake I have ever made. He is my baby.

Scooter is our precious rescue. aka Scoots. aka Scoots of love. aka Scoot-a-roni. Scooter was our first foster dog. We started the foster program through Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts or C.A.R.E. in August 2009. When Scooter came into our home we knew he would not be leaving. We would be joining the group called "foster failures" a lot sooner than we thought. (this is when fosters adopt the foster dog that they are keeping) We are so glad we kept him. He has been a great addition to our home. He is loyal and gentle, yet strong and powerful. He is a great guard dog because being a rescue dog he is unsure of strangers and barks at new people. Buie loves that he is so protective of me. But don't worry he warms up quickly with treats! :)

Charlie boy:  We adopted Charlie in 2011 after George passed away and it was a great decision. We found Charlie just down the road at the Bryant Animal Shelter. He fits in so well in our little zoo. Charlie gets along well with his brothers and sister. His orange fur matches his personality so well because he is a little fireball! We constantly have to watch where we step because he likes to dash in and out from beneath our feet!