Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Review: Road Trip to Arkansas

We moved to Louisiana, my home state, and never thought I would be homesick for Arkansas but boy was I ever! Arkansas we have missed you. It was so great to return for a few days!

Sometimes all you need is a roadtrip with your other half

to a place that is familiar and comfortable

to see friends that you just can't live without.

Sometimes you need to indulge


and make memories.

Sometimes you just need reminding how much you are loved in this life 
and to spend a weekend with those who love you the most. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Review:: Scottish Style

Yesterday was the Scottish Tartan Festival just outside of my hometown. The past few years we have wanted to go but alas we have lived three and a half hours away. But NOW, we live so close! So we thought we would check it out! We loaded up the boys and headed to the Scotland Farms. I decided to not bring my big camera while trying to wrangle the dogs and enjoy the festival, but I did snap a few photos on the trusty iPhone.

 There were lots of tents set up with different clans. The Buie Family is from the MacDonald of the Isles Clan. My Father-in-Law is really big into genealogy and therefore my husband is also. And I have to admit, it's all pretty interesting knowing where your family came from. Our dream is to go to Scotland and Ireland soon.

We got to hang out with Highland Cattle. They are pretty cute. :) They are basically like short hairy cows. We got to feed them and they definitely slobbered all over us! Yuck! 

Our boys were a little um...over stimulated with all the new smells, people and other dogs, but I was surprised at how well they did. Scooter even made a new girlfriend. :)

We ended the day by dropping the dogs off at mom and dad's house, cleaning up a bit and celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday in Shreveport. 

A great ending to such a fun day! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Full hearts.

My sweet cousin Laura, along with her baby girl, Willa, and my aunt Libby came into town for a few days. We don't see them that often so when we do, it is cause for quite a celebration. This was my first time meeting one year old Willa and I am completely smitten. She is a beautiful child, just like her momma. Laura and I are first cousins and almost exactly one year a part. Her birthday is a day before mine. Laura and I have always been kindred spirits. Although we don't talk nearly as much as I'd like, we always pick up right where we left off as if there weren't hundreds of miles in between us.
Both of my brothers and their families came over to our house to hang out and eat. We had Landon, Carson, Makaylan, Hannah and Willa. Five kiddos 2 years old and under! Needless to say, it was wild and crazy fun!
Makaylan and Landon love to give hugs to each other! They are so cute together. 

Carson found our doggie beds and was pretty excited about it.

Mealtime with five kiddos is kind of like a free for all! First come, first serve and grab a seat wherever you can. :) 
All in all, it was a good night. When our house is full, so is my heart. Have I mentioned that I LOVE living close to my brothers, sister-in-laws, nieces and nephews. If only Buie's mom, dad and brother lived a little closer, it would be a perfect world. Family is everything.

Goodnight. My heart is full and happy. :)