Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Buie's Zoo!

Trick or Trick from my little sheriff and my little prisoner. Aren't they the cutest? We reused Scooter's costume from two year's ago since it's so hard to find one large enough for him. The tshirt fits him so well but he HATES the hat. With enough treats, I was able to snap a few pics before he tore it off. Doesn't he look MISERABLE in this pic? hehe. I'm so mean, aren't I?! But this pic makes me laugh because Conner is definitely the sheriff over Scooter in our household. He may be small but that doesn't mean he's not bossy!
Happy Howl-oween from all of us to YOU! We hope you get lots of treats and not so many tricks tonight.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Update on life

I'm so far behind in blogging I'm not sure where to start. It's been two weeks or so since I last wrote and I have some news! We are expecting another niece or nephew in April! yay! I love being an aunt so much. Landon and Makaylan fill my heart with so much joy. I only wish I lived closer to little Makaylan Joy so that I could see her growing up so fast! I can't believe Landon has grown so fast this past 15 months. Here's Landon (looking a little confused) in his Big Brother tshirt. His world is about to change in a few months. :) I know he'll be a great big brother.
It is definitely feeling more like fall here in Arkansas. We have our trail mix out in our house and have been trying (and failing) to not eat it all but it's soooo good! It's my favorite and it's so easy: unsalted roasted peanuts, candycorn and candycorn pumpkins and the Fall colored M&M's. Mix & Enjoy! But I'm warning you, it's addicting! You can also pop up some popcorn to serve with the trail mix... Pure heaven. Salty and sweet!
Conner and Charlie are still growing closer everyday. It makes my heart smile when I see them curled up on the couch like this. I love it! It's funny to me how animals become friends and then again, some don't.
I'm keeping super busy with my photography this fall. I've had several Fall mini sessions that were 100% successful. I still have two more to go! I love this time of year! Hope y'all are having a great fall. Hopefully I can get back in the groove of things and keep up with blogging more regularly. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank you, Columbus

This past weekend my cousin Jena flew up from Dallas to spend a four day weekend with me and Buie. Friday night we had tickets to the Rep Theater. The Ring of Fire was playing. It was spectacular! B & I are both big Johnny Cash fans. Walk the Line is one of my favorite movies and we thoroughly enjoyed this musical at the local theater. We are even considering getting season tickets because there are so many great shows coming to The Rep!
Our weekend was very relaxing. We watched lots of football and ate lots of good food and even did a even hit up some Columbus Day sales at a few antique stores. Sunday we invited my brother, sister in law and of course Landon to come join us for a little NFL action. :)
... along with our friends the Bubbus's. We ate some amazing Mexican food prepared by my amazing chef husband. These flautas were AMAZING! Fried to the perfect crispiness!
Landon's favorite form of entertainment was rolling the baby pumpkins down the front steps. Overall it was a wonderful Columbus Day weekend. Thank you, Columbus, for discovering this country so that I could have weekends like this one.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

LA Tech

Yesterday was a family day at Tech for us. Every now and then we like to hang out with each other. ;) Those of us living up here in Arkansas road together and met the rest of the family for a weekend of fun in Louisiana! This was Landon first football game and first La Tech game. My whole family (dad, mom and 2 brothers and even one of my sister in laws) all went and graduated from Tech. Between the 5 of them they have 8 degrees from Louisiana Tech! ha! You get a brick every time you get a degree at La Tech - that's a lot of bricks! I'm the black sheep of the family who went to Ouachita. Needless to say, our family is big supporters of Tech and love to attend Tech football games.
Craig, Nicole and my cute little nephew Landon
Amanda, Chris and niece Makaylan
my mom and dad with their grandkids
I wanted a picture with my nephew and niece but Landon was NOT having another picture taken. Maybe next time we'll START with pics with Aunt RaRa instead of waiting til the end.
The whole family (minus Buie) who had to work. :( Maybe we can photo shop him in because wouldn't this make a could Christmas card? Landon had a blast at his first Tech game. He watched the band come by at the pre game pep rally. He clapped when Tech scored. He was a regular pro at football. He must take after his daddy.

My thoughts exactly...

In case you were wondering... this is how I feel.
But instead of resting, I'm in Louisiana with my family about to go see LA Tech play. Tomorrow I will go to church with the fam, then have two photo shoots, drive home to Arkansas and proceed to have a crazy week of shoots & editing! Oh how I love fall but it is also the very reason why I started dyeing my hair again. Fall = my busy season = stress = GREY HAIRS!

Hopefully soon I will be doing this....
but it might not be til January.

Check out my photography page for more updates and have a fabulous weekend!