Saturday, October 1, 2011

LA Tech

Yesterday was a family day at Tech for us. Every now and then we like to hang out with each other. ;) Those of us living up here in Arkansas road together and met the rest of the family for a weekend of fun in Louisiana! This was Landon first football game and first La Tech game. My whole family (dad, mom and 2 brothers and even one of my sister in laws) all went and graduated from Tech. Between the 5 of them they have 8 degrees from Louisiana Tech! ha! You get a brick every time you get a degree at La Tech - that's a lot of bricks! I'm the black sheep of the family who went to Ouachita. Needless to say, our family is big supporters of Tech and love to attend Tech football games.
Craig, Nicole and my cute little nephew Landon
Amanda, Chris and niece Makaylan
my mom and dad with their grandkids
I wanted a picture with my nephew and niece but Landon was NOT having another picture taken. Maybe next time we'll START with pics with Aunt RaRa instead of waiting til the end.
The whole family (minus Buie) who had to work. :( Maybe we can photo shop him in because wouldn't this make a could Christmas card? Landon had a blast at his first Tech game. He watched the band come by at the pre game pep rally. He clapped when Tech scored. He was a regular pro at football. He must take after his daddy.


ashley said...

I just love seeing pictures of your precious, beautiful family!!! Ben's brother is a freshman at Tech this year so we're hoping to make it to a game at some point!

Cindy Walker said...

Sweetie, thanks so much for all your photography work! I feel like we should PAY you for all your hard work in photographing, editing, and posting!! Love you so much!