Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I forget that some people don't get to wake up to someone who makes them coffee and asks how they would like their eggs today. Sometimes I forget. 

Sometimes I forget how excited I was when you came my college graduation. Sometimes I forget that I've known you for almost thirteen years! I forget those stories from the early days of how we would stay up all night talking or how on our "first date" you brought me soup because I was sick. Sometimes I forget how skinny we were! ;) Well we were! 

 Sometimes I forget how loving you are and how you treat each and every animal with love and care from our dogs, down to our chickens. :) Sometimes I forget how much you take care of our family and all the times you feed the animals when it's really my turn.

Sometimes I forget how selfless you are, like how you always take care of me when I'm sick or how you made me a potting bench when I was away on vacation! I asked for a potting bench for months and the first chance you had to make it was when I was gone on a girls trip! I forget how surprised I was when I drove up in the driveway to see you working on! 

Sometimes I forget how caring and patient you are. 

Sometimes I forget how hard working you are. Sometimes I forget that you changed the course of your life and your career to help me with mine. Sometimes I forget that my dreams became your own.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone gets to live with a comedian and laugh all day long. Sometimes I forget just how funny you are.

When I stop and think about all of these things it overwhelms me! Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that I found my best friend. I hope I never forget all of these things about you! 
Happy Birthday to you, Buie! I hope the next 40 years are the best 40!