Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last week on Instagram.

I'm just posting a super quick picture post with Instagram pictures from the last week or so of our lives. If you are pretty savvy with an iPhone, then you probably already have the Instagram app like millions of others and are already obsessed with it too, like ME! :) The BEST way to keep up with us is definitely through this wonderful phone app but some of y'all don't follow us through Instagram like my wonderful mother-in-law. (Hi, Mrs. Carole) If you DO follow us, then sorry these pictures are repeats but oh well, they're cute enough to repeat. :) 

We had a fun opportunity to be momma and daddy birds to these two little guys for about a week. They were born in our garage and we were scared after a really bad storm that the momma was never coming back. After one LONG night of eye dropper feedings, the momma finally came back and continued her very important job! After about a week, the baby birds grew feathers and finally left the nest. I was a little sad. I had grown to love watching the mom bring her babies meal after meal. The mom had become accustomed to me so much that she would actually fly into the garage with me sitting right by the nest and feed her babies with me watching. 

My sweet daddy turned 61 last week! His birthday was the same day that Anniston came home from the hospital but we all (minus Nicole and Anniston) still managed to meet for a quick bit of yogurt and to watch dad open his presents. 

So a while back I took a sewing class and it went okay, I guess...I mean, for a beginner's class. I learned the basics like how to turn on the machine, etc. Lately I have been looking for curtains to cover our 5,237 windows that we have in our new home. It really is ridiculous. Seriously, y'all! Curtains are expensive! So I whipped out my machine, broke a few needles, cursed a few times, but managed to make something that resembles cafe curtains, I think anyway. What do you think?? The left bottom side obviously aren't done but it's a start. After sewing like 1/4 of them, I told Buie, "Now I know why people pay like $350 for curtains!" Hopefully the more I sew, the less I want to throw my machine out the window. 

I have this running "To Do" list. It's not like a daily to do list as it is more of a "Goals" list and one of the things on the list has been to get involved with 4Paws Rescue Organization here in Ruston. It has literally been on my list for months and I finally visited the facility. They have quite a bunch of puppies out there right now and they are adorable! But they have dogs of ALL ages that need good homes. I plan to volunteer with them more so stay tuned for more information about 4Paws soon. :)

This little girl is just the cutest. She's almost two weeks old! I got to hang out with her some last week and she threw the cutest smile my way. It might have been gas, but hey I'll take it! 

And seriously, how sweet are these two. My boys just fill my heart will happiness. I love it when they snuggle.

When I feel like warding off about 10 million mosquitoes, I head outside to do a little herb harvesting. This spring we put all of our herbs in pots since this was our first official herb garden and we really had no clue what we were doing. Honestly I was surprised at how well they did. I harvested quite a bit. I washed them, tied them off in bundles and hung them up to dry. Pretty soon we'll have dry herbs to last us quite a while and all for pennies! I love stickin' it to "The Man!"

We're still taking care of home projects here and there. Buie got our brand spanking new mailbox hung and it's purdy. It's helps to have a lab/border collie mix there to lend a hand for moral support.

I went over one night and helped Craig feed the kiddos while Nicole had somewhere to go during suppertime and we served watermelon for an appetizer right out of the sink. ha! We kept everyone alive and mostly happy so I say job well done. ;)  And my nieces are just growing like weeds! This is little Hannah Banana with little teeth and her cute little grin. I couldn't snap a pic of Makaylan because she is literally all over the place! ha! 

Well, this is pretty much our lives here in Ruston: family, gardening, doggies, house stuff, family, projects, family, photography, kitties, etc.... and we love it! I'm enjoying August because September, October and November are already looking like they will be crazy busy with photo shoots galore! I can't wait for Fall Family Sessions! My favorite time of year!