Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Scottish Tartan Festival

Since moving back to Louisiana we have discovered a little gem of an event called the Scottish Tartan Festival. Just a couple miles north of my hometown, this festival takes place in a beautiful pasture filled with bright green grass, wildflowers and these adorable hairy Scottish Highland cattle. These cutie cows are the highlight of this festival, for me. I love the way their shaggy mane hangs over their eyeballs. 
 Lady, our King Charles Cavalier little rescue dog, found these guys extremely curious. But after a few tail wiggles and sniffs she let out her most vicious growl and bark and was then ready to move on. I think when she discovered she wasn't allowed to crawl under the fence and play with them, she was disappointed.
We met some of our best friends and their adorable little daughter at the festival. Their daughter shares my obsession with the hairy cows and we both practiced our best mooing.

We met some nice Scots who played us a little tune on their bagpipes and had a little fun with in the meantime. This picture cracks me up. He's lifting up his buddy's kilt without him knowing. hehe. ;)

 There were so many beautiful people in their outfits, kilts and Scottish dress including this woman. Doesn't her smile just radiate?

This year we brought our own little Highland dog. Lady had a blast getting belly rubs from all the children and even some soft hearted men in kilts took a second to scratch behind her ears. She was a stranger to no one. As silly as it sounds, I was a proud dog mom because of how well she was socializing with other dogs, big or small. As dog parents that has been our goal, to socialize her even beyond what is necessary and she passed the test with flying colors!

The festival hosted a little dog show, nothing big or anything, but we were approached and asked to sign up. Since Lady's breed is from England she is considered a Highland breed so she was entered in that category along with 2 other dogs, a Scotty dog (obviously a breed from Scotland) and a little Jack Russell Terrier (I think). She got 2nd place and even though there were only 3 dogs, I didn't care. She did so well and I was one proud dog mom. 

 Overall, this is such a great event and I hope it grows and grows each and every year. Buie's family origins can be traced back to Scotland. One day we hope to go there and experience their culture fully, but until that day, we will continue to attend Minden's Scottish Tartan Festival each year. It is honestly something we look forward to for weeks, if not months!

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