Friday, November 28, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

Well, our first thanksgiving has come and gone. My pants are a little more snug, but we had a good time hanging out with family. This first year we went to Louisiana and ate Thanksgiving meal with my family. We had gluten free turkey and cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole made with gluten free yellow cake mix that is too DIE for! And mom made her amazing gluten free dressing. Over the last two Thanksgivings, my mom and my sister in law have perfected the art of cooking gluten free for the holidays and my belly thanks them. I contributed an easy dish: green beans with brown sugar and bacon! Yummy!

Since Buie works retail, he drove back for "Black Friday" and I stayed through Saturday and rode back with my brother and sister in law. I LOVE that they live in Maumelle now! It was weird being without him for a few days but it was good hanging out with my family. We went to my highschool's state championship football game where my oldest brother is a coach. They ended up losing but we were proud of their team.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

in the car of the way to Louisiana for our first Thanksgiving together!

Of course we brought Conner, too!

Our new Family pic - Buie is in it this year! :)

My best friend, Lauren, her husband, Wayne and their son, Trey

Trey West - he's so strong! ;)

our little family - minus the cats (they don't do road trips)

Craig, my brother, and Buie, about to dig in
Hope everyone had a great holiday with family and friends! I'll post our Christmas tree pics soon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like MARRIAGE!

This past weekend we took the next big step after saying our "I Do's" .... setting up a JOINT CHECKING ACCOUNT! AAAHHH! That's right after 4 months of procrastinating the joint account is finally set up. We have ordered checks that say Mr. Brent Buie or Mrs. Cara Beth Buie. It's so weird but exciting all at the same time. I got my driver's license changed about a month ago right before I went to vote. It now says Cara Beth Buie....also exciting...but weird. Before the wedding, I was having a hard time with letting go of my maiden name. That had been my name for 25 years and in a way, it felt like I was giving up my family. It made me sad almost to think about NOT being a "Walker" anymore. But now after being married for a few short months, I am excited to announce myself as Mrs. Buie. Yes, it still feels strange but I am looking forward to starting our own family. We all know that this can't happen without money. So here's to saving money to start a family during one of the toughest economic time in history. No one said marriage would be easy but they didn't say it couldn't be fun. :)

Here is a recent pic of us that I particularly like:

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hanging out with the grandparents

If you know us, you know we love our animals. Conner, our dog, is our child. We take him anywhere he is welcomed. We would probably take our cats too but they don't like leashes too well. ;) This past weekend Conner went to his grandparents on the Buie side in Rison, Arkansas. It was a short car ride...about an hour or so. Conner had so much fun meeting a new friend, Jill. Mrs. Carole cooked an amazing meal for us, we went to church, played in the back yard with the dogs, and watch a lot of football! I LOVED taking pictures of the dogs and of the Buie's beautiful yard! I can't wait until we have a yard for Conner to run around in.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.