Monday, October 24, 2011

Update on life

I'm so far behind in blogging I'm not sure where to start. It's been two weeks or so since I last wrote and I have some news! We are expecting another niece or nephew in April! yay! I love being an aunt so much. Landon and Makaylan fill my heart with so much joy. I only wish I lived closer to little Makaylan Joy so that I could see her growing up so fast! I can't believe Landon has grown so fast this past 15 months. Here's Landon (looking a little confused) in his Big Brother tshirt. His world is about to change in a few months. :) I know he'll be a great big brother.
It is definitely feeling more like fall here in Arkansas. We have our trail mix out in our house and have been trying (and failing) to not eat it all but it's soooo good! It's my favorite and it's so easy: unsalted roasted peanuts, candycorn and candycorn pumpkins and the Fall colored M&M's. Mix & Enjoy! But I'm warning you, it's addicting! You can also pop up some popcorn to serve with the trail mix... Pure heaven. Salty and sweet!
Conner and Charlie are still growing closer everyday. It makes my heart smile when I see them curled up on the couch like this. I love it! It's funny to me how animals become friends and then again, some don't.
I'm keeping super busy with my photography this fall. I've had several Fall mini sessions that were 100% successful. I still have two more to go! I love this time of year! Hope y'all are having a great fall. Hopefully I can get back in the groove of things and keep up with blogging more regularly. :)

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