Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Review:: Scottish Style

Yesterday was the Scottish Tartan Festival just outside of my hometown. The past few years we have wanted to go but alas we have lived three and a half hours away. But NOW, we live so close! So we thought we would check it out! We loaded up the boys and headed to the Scotland Farms. I decided to not bring my big camera while trying to wrangle the dogs and enjoy the festival, but I did snap a few photos on the trusty iPhone.

 There were lots of tents set up with different clans. The Buie Family is from the MacDonald of the Isles Clan. My Father-in-Law is really big into genealogy and therefore my husband is also. And I have to admit, it's all pretty interesting knowing where your family came from. Our dream is to go to Scotland and Ireland soon.

We got to hang out with Highland Cattle. They are pretty cute. :) They are basically like short hairy cows. We got to feed them and they definitely slobbered all over us! Yuck! 

Our boys were a little um...over stimulated with all the new smells, people and other dogs, but I was surprised at how well they did. Scooter even made a new girlfriend. :)

We ended the day by dropping the dogs off at mom and dad's house, cleaning up a bit and celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday in Shreveport. 

A great ending to such a fun day! 

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