Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Father's Review

When I started thinking about Father's Day, I began looking through the many pictures we have together. I love my dad's smile....even though he says he looks silly in pictures. My dad is the most genuine and honest person I know. His spiritual, emotional, and financial integrity is astounding and even a bit overwhelming. He is a role model that is hard to live up to. He is a TRUE example of Christ.

My dad is not really a lover of phone conversations, but he is always available to talk. When I call him, it's usually for financial, spiritual or social advice.... and the rest of the time it's about my car. :) In highschool and college, dad always took car of my car for me. When I went off to college, he taught me how to change a tire, check the oil in my car and even put air in my tires. When I came home on weekends, dad would ALWAYS ask, "How's your car doing?" I knew it was dad's way of making sure I was safe. Being an insurance salesman, dad is very concerned with safety. When I first got my license, he would always say, "Look both ways at a stop sign and WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!"

Dad is also a big fan of LA Tech basketball and football. Some of my fondest memories of my dad are when he gets really excited at a Tech game and starts yelling the Bulldog bark. Yes, he actually barks from the stands! :)
Growing up I always claimed to be a "daddy's girl." Every young girl dreams of marrying their dad before they truly understand the concept of marriage. When I started to have an interest in boys, I always compared every guy to my father. Of course, none ever measured up...until a few years ago. I would say the things I love in my husband are qualities I also admire in my dad. And even though I am married, I will always be a daddy's girl.
photo taken by Christen Byrd of Christen Byrd photography

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you!

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Cindy Walker said...

okay, I'm crying now! How VERY sweet of you, Cara Beth! Your daddy and I both love you very much!