Monday, June 29, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Since moving into our new house in April, I have kept an eye on our yard to see what the previous owners planted. Because we moved from a condo, I have never owned a house with a yard. I am excited to get my hands dirty and do some gardening of my own. But this summer I am taking notes on what is already in the ground and how I could expand or change what is already available. So far I've noticed these flowers showing their pretty faces in our backyard...The last photo is obviously a picture of blacked eyed Susans but the other two I will have to research to find out their names. The first picture of the big pink flower is my favorite, without a doubt. I have noticed that in the morning they are at their fullest and in the evening when I get home from work, the flowers are completely closed. This goes on everyday - full in the morning and closed in the evening. Similar, I guess, to a Morning Glory in that sense...

But one flower I AM definitely familiar with is the hydrangea. The hydrangea was our wedding flower and how appropriate is it that our one year anniversary is coming up soon. Here are the beautiful hydrangeas that are blooming in our yard!
We also have a handful of roses and lilies to choose from. Although I do not know their exact name, I do know that these roses are unique - I have actually never seen any quite like them.As you can see, I have my work cut out for me to keep up with all that's growing around here! I think my next purchase will be a Gardening For Dummies book. It's hard to compete with the former owner. She definitely knew what she was doing. I am excited to learn all about gardening! My goal is to one day have my own vegetable garden, too. :) Hope you enjoyed a mini tour of our backyard.

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Brett and Jill said...

Go ask my mom about the flowers. I bet she could tell you what they are.

Your yard is beautiful!