Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vote. Vote. Vote.

Are you a BHG fan? Well, if you are then you already know what BHG stands for but for those of you who have yet to discover just how fabulous Better Homes and Gardens is, then scoot on over to their website and take a look for yourself! You will love their site! Whether you are a home owner, renter or are just dreaming of one day having a place to call your own, then BHG is the perfect place to dream away! From decorating and home improvement to gardening and cooking, Better Homes has got it all!

Right now BHG has a competition going on called the 48-hour Challenge. Here are the ground rules: We rounded up five talented home and garden bloggers and charged them with a tall task: designing a $500 outdoor project that you can re-create at home in a weekend. Check out the five final projects and vote for the recipient of a $5,000 bonus!

Take a look at the contestants!

Now while these are all well and good, THIS is who I have been voting for everyday for like the last month! John and Sherry from This Young House. I found their amazing blog a few months ago about the time we were looking for a house of our very own. They have a neat story of how they bought this house, completely renovated it and even got married in their own backyard! They are a precious couple that I have fallen in love with! On their blog they give great tips from how to put on a yard sale to how to replace a toilet. :)

This design competition ends THIS FRIDAY! Won't you please hurry over to the BHG site and vote for John and Sherry's amazing porch transformation?! Here's what John and Sherry plan to do with the cash if they win! You have three more changes to vote! Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so VOTE. VOTE. VOTE!

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