Saturday, June 6, 2009

House Tour: Master Bedroom

Recently the Buies bought a house! My mom along with a few other out-of-staters wanted to see the progress as we unpack and start decorating. So, let me begin our house tour with the master bedroom.

We were excited to see how many windows were in the master bedroom. As you can see, they bring in a lot of light!

Our comforter set was a wedding gift from both of our parents. (Ralph Lauren: Rutherford Park)

As with many newly weds, our furniture is a "hodge podge" of hand-me-downs and college leftovers. Right now none of our bedroom furniture actually was purchased as a set and none of it really goes together, but surprisingly all of the wood grain is in the same family.

Buie's nightstand was one he has had for a few years and the lamp was mine from college.

This settee is one of our 'finer' pieces. Recently my grandfather passed away. This came out of the sitting area in my grandparents room. My mom was going to put it in the estate sale, but I snatched it first! :) I have debated on whether to recover it or not. I know the 'orange' is a stretch in this room but with the right accessories, it just might work!
I love the wood detail in this piece. It is definitely one to keep in the family for years to come.On my side of the bed, you will find a nightstand that was purchased for my granddad in the last year of his life when he moved to an assisted living home. The lamp is my favorite! My mom bought it for my bedroom in my parent's house. My parents just recently relinquished all of the things from my childhood bedroom. I keep my slippers close by for when I need to take Conner out.
On my nightstand is a wooden tray I bought on my trip in South Africa in 2001. It is hand carved by the locals. The frame was a Christmas present from my brother-in-law, Tee.

Our dresser came from Buie's nursery, I believe. He said he's had it since he was a baby. (Awwe, cute, I know!) It needs to be refinished one day...but for now I think it looks great in our master bedroom. Our the dresser is my collection of seashells. Most of them came from my mother's seashell collection and the rest of them I have picked up from one beach trip or another. The candle was a recent housewarming gift from my college roommate, Becca. The gorgeous topiary was a housewarming gift from David and Melissa. I love this grouping on the dresser and the candle smells AMAZING!! I definitely cannot forget about Conner's kennel, which sits right next to Buie's nightstand. Hazel likes to sit on the top of it and swat Conner as he goes in and out. hehe. Sibling love!

And last but not least, our favorite piece of our, mainly because it's our FIRST piece of art. We bought it in Eurkea Springs this past February. It was our first Valentine's Day since we got married so this piece is special to us both.


Julee said...

Everything looks so good CB!! So clean and cozy! Cant wait to see more of the house!

Sarah & Jordan said...

I think we have a painting by the same artist! It is very similar but much smaller! We got it in Eureka Springs this spring. I love it--one of my favorite things.