Monday, June 8, 2009

Blog Feature: Heather Bullard

If you love beautiful things, gardening, decorating and anything VINTAGE, you have GOT to scoot on over to this website. I am officially in love with Heather Bullard's style. Her site was too good NOT to share.

I am currently coveting these items from this newly discovered and FABULOUS site:

Fleur de Lis Display Box
King & Queen Hook Set
Royal Fleur de Lis Necklace

Gold Fleur De Lis Charm Bracelet Sadly this is sold out but it was my favorite piece of jewelry on the site! Hopefully they'll get more in soon!

Heather Bullard also featured on her website this blog: "The Tarnished Crown." What a cute name, first of all. Secondly, take a look at these pillows! I must have one (or two) for our couch.

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