Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Review

This past weekend was filled with everything from unpacking boxes and cooking to playing golf with old friends and of course, hanging out with the dogs.

We are in our last week of dog sitting. It has definitely opened my eyes to different types of dogs, both big and small.

Buie best friend, Caleb, came into town Friday night and hung out all weekend with Buie. They talked about golf, hit practice balls and then played golf all day Saturday. My brother went with them to play a round, then everyone came back to the house for steak, asparagus and red potatoes! Yummy!

Saturday morning I cleaned out 1/2 of our garage. It's almost clean enough for ONE car to fit in it. :)

This week will be a busy one! We have to finish up some work at our condo so we can rent it out. Hopefully we have some renters lined up! We are showing it in about two weeks. Hopefully that will give us plenty of time to finish up some painting touch ups! I'm ready to have that thing rented!

Have a great week everyone! My camera is currently not working but I'll get some pics up soon.

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