Friday, June 5, 2009

Puppy Love

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Lately, in the Buie household there has been a lot of talk about dogs! We LOVE animals and have been thinking about getting another dog. There has been talk of Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds and Mastifs. Recently our friends Melissa and David brought their Cockapoo to stay the weekend and we fell in love! Conner and Bailey got along so well, we are considering getting a Cockapoo. Bailey was so well-behaved, he made us second guess what kind of dog to get. So now we have NO IDEA!

Melissa and Bailey

Conner and Bailey- They became best buds!

Another couple friend of ours, Jessica and Alan, encouraged us to become a foster family for the organization C.A.R.E. here in Little Rock. After thinking about this decision for a few weeks, we have decided to go for it! I filled out the application yesterday and turned it in! C.A.R.E. was quick to respond! Soon and very soon we will become foster parents to a very special dog (or two)!

The Benefits of becoming a foster family for dogs:

1. Provide the foster dog with a temporary home before being adopted and finding his/her "forever home"
2. Helps the foster dog cope with possible social issues by being around different people and different dogs and cats
3. Helps the C.A.R.E. rescue team be able to evaluate the dog better before placing them in their forever home. We will help them know the dogs strenths and weaknesses (if he gets along well with cats and other dogs, etc.)
4. This will also help OUR dog, Conner, be socialized more with different breeds of dogs and with both genders.
5. By being around different breeds of dogs, fostering dogs will also help us make our decision about what our next dog will be.
6. And the obvious reason to foster a dog- if there were not places like C.A.R.E., then we all know what the alternative for the dog's future would be. :(

Consider being a foster parent for a dog and/or cat!

Jessica and Alan are also going on a trip to Kenya for the next two weeks and guess who is keeping their two dogs?! WE ARE! They have a Havanese and a Doberman Pinscher puppy.

Jessica with Sutton (on her lap) and Sammy

Sutton is getting so big!

Sammy and Sutton are precious and we can't WAIT to have them in our home for two weeks!

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Blissfully Enamored said...

i am so excited for you to be a foster parent!!! i would LOVE to do that...but we basically have a zoo already as it is!

i think you need a mastiff....we have wanted one for a long time!!! love them!!!

okay....i need to know where you got your gorgeous brown leather chair??? we have been looking at new couches and stuff and really want leather with big nail heads!

love you!