Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Anniversary Time!

That's right, people! We've almost been married for ONE YEAR! July 5th, 2008 was a great day!

My husband is in desperate need of a new vehicle. After his Pathfinder was stolen last year (then we got it back), it has not run the same since. My "plan" was to buy him a new truck and surprise him for our one year...but it didn't exactly happen that way. So even though it wasn't a surprise, Buie DID get a much needed new vehicle this weekend. He picked out a 2008 Ford F-150. Here are a few pictures of him and his new ride.

So far Buie is really enjoying his new wheels. Last night, when we got back from the Ford dealership, he asked me if I wanted to open MY anniversary present. Well, what girl doesn't like gifts, so, of course I said yes!! And this is what I got! :) A Tiffany-style lamp! I have seriously wanted one of these since I was a little girl! So far, this anniversary celebration is going GREAT! And we still have like 8 days til the ACTUAL day!

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Jessica said...

WOW! I love his new truck . . . and the lamp!