Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Feature: Kelly Moore Photography

I have been following this photographer for quite some time now. I am a huge fan of Kelly Moore Photography ever since she shot a wedding that I was in several years ago. Kelly is an extremely talented photographer, based out of Ruston, Louisiana. She specializes in weddings but does amazing work no matter the setting or subject. One of my favorite things I like about Kelly is her shooting locations. She always finds the most interesting places to take her clients too. :) See for yourself why she is probably booked up through 2010 already!


Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

i love that pic with the purple chair!! CB-I know you can do stuff just like this!! :-)

Cara Beth said...

Thanks for having faith in me! This is my ultimate goal- to be THIS good. I am taking a photography class in June so hopefully I can put what I learned to practice with your precious little girl! Thanks for asking me to take her pictures!