Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Gardening

After having a migraine and staying in bed all day, I wanted to get some fresh air outside. Last week I went to Home Depot and found these beautiful succulent and cactus plants. I wanted to buy them all!but I picked a few of my favorites and came home with these!Rainbow Elephant Bush
photo via flickr
Echeveria peacockiiphoto via flickr
Echeveria imbricataphoto via flickr
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii "Hibotan"
photo via flickr
Jade Plant
photo via flickr

All of these plants are beautiful separately but TOGETHER they make quite the arrangement.
First things first. Start with a pot. I picked a rectangular one that I already had laying around the house. Make sure it has proper drainage holes in the bottom like this one.
Fill the container most of the way up to the top with potting soil. I used Organic Miracle Grow for inside potting. Then arrange your plants in any way you wish! I chose to use five plants in this container. And it turned out great!
I couldn't quite fit all of the plants in this container so I grabbed a few more containers and filled those too! This Aloe plant wasn't looking to great so I repotted it in this fancy pot. Hopefully it will love its new home and start to perk up soon. Overall, I was pleased with my first succulent and cactus purchase at Home Depot. After potting these new plants, don't forget to water! And if you have a dog, they make good "watch dogs" as our Conner is demonstrating here.
I can't wait to see how these new little guys do in their new pot!

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