Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Adventures of Dog Sitting

I'm sure you are all wondering what the Buie house has been like since we have taken on two dogs for two weeks. Well, in one word, it has definitely been exciting, to say the least. Between Conner and our two cats, we had enough excitement for one household. Throw in a Doberman Pinscher and a cute little lively Havanese dog and it gets a whole lot more interesting.

This is Sutton. He a Doberman PUPPY believe it or not, yet he weighs at least twice the size of our two year old Cocker. Sutton is curious, playful and I have recently discovered... ALWAYS HUNGRY!
This is Sammy. Sammy is a Havanese dog and loves to wrestle with both Conner AND Sutton. He loves to cuddle and is extrememly curious about our cats! :) But our cats don't mind too much since Sammy is only slighter larger than they are.
Conner likes his new buddy Sammy. They play well together and I even caught them cuddled up in Buie's chair one night.

All in all, dog sitting is going well! Pray for Sammy and Sutton's parents, as they are on a mission trip in Kenya. They will be back in a week!


christen byrd said...

you should just quit your job and open up a doggie daycare at your house!

Cara Beth said...

I would in a heartbeat!

Blissfully Enamored said...

ohhh all the puppies are so cute!!!

which one of those two frames do you want?? i will send you one of those and a fleur and you can pick the one you want and the one you want to give!

Jessica said...

Thanks CB!!! I'm loving the update on the dogs. I miss them SO MUCH!!! I miss you too. ;)