Friday, November 18, 2011

tough week

This has definitely been a tough week for our family. My sister in law and brother found out some hard to swallow news about their pregnancy. She is 17 weeks along and just found out she has complete placenta previa. This basically means the placenta is in the wrong place and is blocking the birthing canal. There are many complications with placenta previa that COULD make this a scary thing including enough heaving bleeding to need blood transfusions. The baby could be born prematurely and Nicole will most likely have a C-section.

As of now, Nicole is not on complete bed rest but as been ordered to not pick up Landon at all and to take it easy. I am so thankful she is married to a patient and wonderful man. My brother, Craig, takes such good care of her. We are all praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. I know that the Lord has his hand on this baby and He has a plan for that tiny little life. I know that you will also join me in prayer for Craig, Nicole, Landon and baby Walker as they figured out life with a few more kinks in it.

more not so great news....
Yesterday I traveled down to Ruston, LA for my second doctor's appointment with this new dr. I am trying out. (It's the same dr my mother goes to.) I've seen him once before when I came to do all of my 25 vials of blood work.

Thursday was results day. Yuck.

In a way I was dreading results day but I just wanting to get it over with. I have had several results days in the past 5 or 6 years of my life, some good and some not so good, but this one seemed different. This one seemed more hopeful.

Results: (the four MAIN issues)
severe vitamin D Deficiency
low adrenal function
low thyroid
too much yeast in my system

Not exactly the results I was hoping for by any stretch of the imagination but it's totally doable. There are thousands of people struggling with way worse. So what does this mean for me right now? Well, babies are NOT in our immediate future which is very saddening to us. I mean when your doctor tells you that having a baby would be the WORST thing you could do to your body right now, then I figure I should probably take his advice. So please don't expect babies from me and if you ask about babies - why we don't have any or when we are having them, expect tears to start flowing soon thereafter. You have been warned.

The other thing you can expect from me: crabbiness. lots of crabbiness. I mean, not only can I not have gluten but I for real can't eat yeast. I threw around this idea a few months ago and did some research on a yeast free diet and it almost seemed laughable. I guess I am the one laughing now. No dairy. No yeast. No sugar. No coffee. NO FUN! = CRABBINESS. Lots and lots of crabbiness.

More expectations: Needles. I am already used to needles. So used to them I could probably find my veins faster than any of the new nurses could. You can always tell who the NEW nurses are by how shaky their hands are. Drives me insane. I have to get more IV injections with vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium and lots of other good stuff flowing straight into my veins. I call it liquid gold. It's the good stuff. I would take an IV any day over pills.

So does my diagnosis suck? Yes. But is it doable. Of course.

Does Nicole wish she had a normal pregnancy? Of course. She probably wishes she could pick up her kid too for the next 5 or 6 months. We Walker/Buie women are tough. But we still might need some prayers. ;)


Kecia said...

CaraBeth, I'm so sorry. That is a tough week. I will be praying for you all.

ashley said...

So very sorry about all the saddening news...will be praying for your precious family.

Ellen said...

I am saddened by the report that you left. But as Christians, we know that God will walk us through the valleys as well as be at the top of our mountains to celebrate with us. I will be praying for your whole family, but especially Nicole and you! I will pray that God will make a way for you to have your babies!!! I will pray that Nicole and baby will be fine and we will all be celebrating a new life in a few months!!! Be thankful at this wonderful time of the year for the love and the closeness that you and your family have! Y'all are truly blessed!!!

Unknown said...

I found your blog researching complete placenta previa. I have it too. :( Best of luck to your family.

Christina said...

Hey, Carabeth - I had placenta previa and had a c-section and my baby was 100% fine at 37 weeks. He's almost 5 months now, and perfect! Tell Nicole she can email me if she has questions and maybe she'll get lucky and it'll move out of the way!