Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Ramblings...

My mom has been in Thailand for like EVER! You know that saying you never know what you are missing until it's gone...well, I've wanted to pick up the phone like 20 times in the past week to talk to her and I can't. But thank goodness for the app "Hey Tell" because we discovered that it works even though we are oceans a part. My mom and I might have a difference of opinions and we might drive each other nuttso (love you, mom!) but when it is advice that I need, my mom is usually first on my list to call (unless of course it's has anything to do with money, then the phone gets handed to dad). Come home soon, momma! There are some things that momma understands that husbands just don't I right, ladies?

Being a work from home photographer, on days that I don't have a shoot scheduled it can get kind of lonely just sitting in my home office editing ALL. DAY. LONG. Before this year, if you would have asked me I might would have told you that I was an introvert I know, right. Me? an introvert? It sounds crazy. But before I went full time into photography this past February, I was around people all day long. It was nice just to come home and not talk anymore. To fill the bath tub up with hot suds and just soak...sometimes for an hour. Heck, sometimes I wouldn't even talk to Buie that much when I first arrived home. I just needed some ME time.

Now all I have is ME time and too much of it. When Buie gets home, I literally throw myself into his arms and hug him, thankful that there is another human being present in this house. I found myself making small talk with the mail lady the other day, until I realized she probably had a route to get to and a schedule to keep. I definitely need people in my life. I am a social being... maybe not as much as my dear mother is...but to some extent we ALL need some sort of social interaction. I have just realized in the past couple of weeks that I need more than I have been getting.

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So what's the solution?:: Step away from the computer. Stop talking to the animals and go see people. I have made it a goal to have lunch, coffee or dinner with someone different each week. So watch out! If I haven't seen you in a while, you may be getting an email. It's time for me to catch up with my old friends... I mean, after all, being social is pretty much what I majored in in college. ;)

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