Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am I ready?

As I sat down to write a new post that I thought was going to be on eating a yeast free diet, my kitty Charlie hopped into my lap as he always does at this time of night. Sometimes it's annoying to try to type with 7 pounds of fur laying across my arms but tonight I just listened to him purr. Sometimes I look at my animals and wonder if the only mom I'll ever be is to them. Will I have kids of my own? I wonder what they will be like. Will they look like me? Will they play sports like Buie? Will they have their mother's math skills? (Let's hope not)

There are so many questions when thinking about kids, like the big one: Are we even ready for kids? (I mean, who is really ever ready? Am I right?) Are we mentally prepared for the change? Quite possibly no. Are we financially ready? Um... how much do babies cost again? And the million dollar question: Am I PHYSICALLY ready for children? The answer my doctor so clearly gave me last week was NO. I am not physically ready for children. So why do we want what we can't have? Ever since then, I can't stop thinking about babies. In the last week I have found myself in these random places like BabiesRus and the toy section at Walmart.... of course it could very likely be that I am an aunt now and was just Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew. Speaking of nieces and nephews, I blame them, you know.... for this whole baby thing. It's all their fault. If they weren't so darn cute, I wouldn't want a baby. Sigh.

So.... originally I was going to write about starting a yeast free diet. Tomorrow I start the diet. Be looking for more about cutting yeast out of your diet.

Yeast Free. PLUS the already Gluten Free & Dairy Free. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

Don't I sound excited? I plan to blog about my progress along the way. Wish me luck!


Lisa said...

Hey CB! Just wanted to send some encouragement your way...I know God has a plan for you and Buie...I will be praying for Him to give you peace and will be praying that your health will get better and better by the day! In the meantime - don't worry too much about the baby thing - you're such a good pet mom and you and Buie are a great pair as friends go so I can say from experience that I loved my almost 10 years with my dogs and husband before my baby and it's definitely a great life when you have a happy marriage and the love of sweet pets in your home! Reagan is amazing and has totally changed our world and you will totally be ready for babies when that time comes for you. Love you and keep your chin up - you are such a sweet person and I know there are so many people who care about you, are praying for you, and wish you all the things you want for your life!! xoxo! Lisa

Tricia Nae said...

First...a 7 lb cat? My cat weighs almost 20lbs. Diet time for momma and fur-baby! Ha. Second...I know EXACTLY how you feel. But..I am just trying to trust in Him for his timing and blessings. I have seen them play out in so many other's, and I just know that they are playing out (admittedly, a little slower than I like) in my life. Praying for you girl!!