Friday, November 4, 2011

30 day photo challenge:: Day 2 continued...

So...yesterday I was a slacker and saw the post. Just to prove that I actually do shower (occasionally) and put on real clothes, here is my "what I wore" post. I'm continuing my Day 2 post for another day because...well, I can. :)

If you'd like to join me and my friend, Tricia, in a little photo challenge, hop on the band wagon and join the fun!

I pretty much live in dresses/tunics with leggings and boots in the Fall. This is just a simple black knit dress from Ann Taylor Loft with leggings, brown boots (yes I mix black and brown - I'm a rebel like that!) and the statement necklace is again from my favorite store - A.T. Loft. I am trying to remember where I snagged these boots last year and I have no clue...but they were a great purchase. I wore them all fall & winter long last year! Along with my cowboy boots...which are currently missing. :( Seriously. I have no clue where they are. This might just be cause for an emergency shopping trip. Anyone game?


jessica said...

i love you blog, i am a new follower, stopping by from kelly's korner.

i love those boots. such a pretty rich brown. and it looks great with the black!


Unknown said...

Hey, I found you through Kelly's Korner blog. I, too am a failed foster, because that's how we got our precious Clarabelle-kitty! I wouldn't have it any other way.

As a fellow animal lover, I was so sad (I actually cried) when I read about your George. I have a lot of respect for your stance on declawing, and even though I'm sad that you have in the past, I'm very happy to see that you see the errors in your ways. It IS a horrible thing and there just isn't enough education out there on it. Anyway, I'm so sorry for your loss :(
But I am a new follower :)