Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

Sometimes you just need to let it all out. WARNING: This week is a doozy. 
  • I haven't posted since LAST Mid Week Confessions
  • I slept til noon today. Yup, that's right. You heard me. NOON. Of course sleep is a relative term. I didn't actually sleep. I haven't been sleeping that well lately. For some reason I think it's logical to assume that if I didn't sleep well between the hours of midnight and 8am that I will sleep better between the hours of 8am and noon. This is, in fact, false. 
  • I had this intense pain in both of my shoulders for about 2 1/2 weeks and I have no clue where it came from or better yet how to make it go away. I googled my symptoms and the best I can come up with is a thing called frozen shoulder.   Like I need something else that is wrong with me. But for a second if you can imagine me taking pictures (which is my profession) with TWO frozen shoulders? It's really a funny image but quite painful actually...hence the no sleep at night. Anyone ever experience this? 
  • I have a migraine right now as I am writing this post. I took my migraine medicine and if you have known me long enough then you have probably seen me in my migraine medicine drunk state. It's not pretty. 
  • I haven't posted any pics of our patio project, even though it's been completed now for about two weeks. Shame on me. 
  • I haven't bought any pumpkins yet. This is the most disappointing confession of all. I'm usually first in line when our local nursery puts out the pumpkins on September 15th. Here it is Oct. 3 and I only have two sad looking mums on our front porch. 
  • Oh, and remember that half marathon I was supposed to start training for on Monday? Yeah... about that... How about NEXT Monday?
Can we call for a do over on this week?... or better yet, let's fast forward to next week. How's your Wednesday going?

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Tracy H. said...

I wonder if a chiropractor could help with the shoulders and headaches?

Brent Smith, MD said...

Can you life your arm above your shoulder or rotate it outwards past pointing straight ahead? If so, not frozen shoulder.

Brent Smith