Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy HOWL-oween!

This year I waited a little late on purchasing costumes. I went to Target and basically just got whatever they had left in their sizes. It's usually hard to buy an actual costume for our 70 lb. lab mix (Scooter) and I end up just putting him in a t-shirt with a skeleton or a pumpkin on it. But this year they had one XL hot dog costume left and I LOVE it. I seriously makes me giggle when he is in it. He doesn't mind having it on, I don't think, because he doesn't try to get out of it. But he does shake a lot in it, sort of like when dogs are wet and they shake to get the water off. I think because it's so big and bulky he's not used it. But it is quite comical to see this big dog in a hot dog costume. Can't stop giggling at this picture.

Here are both of my boys.  Notice how trilled they look. haha. I can hear them now saying something like:

Conner:: "Oh these are even more ridiculous than last year. I can't believe we put up with this. At least we don't have to wear hats this year."

Scooter:: "Yeah, you got a cape. I'm in a hot dog suit. I definitely got it worse this year. Just sit still and it will be over faster and then we get treats."

My little super dog, Conner!

The key to taking decent pictures of your dogs:
1. Do it when they're tired
2. Do it often
3. Do it with treats. LOTS of treats!

Happy HOWL-oween! I hope you have fun trick or treating or whatever you are doing tonight. I plan on kicking back with a good meal, catching up on my DVR and passing out candy to anyone that comes by our house. I hope we have a few trick or treaters, otherwise I might eat all the candy myself! YIKES!

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