Saturday, October 13, 2012

Silly Shoot with the Lechners

Last weekend I went to my hometown to shoot some mini sessions. This is my busy season in photography as everyone is wanting family pictures for Holiday cards. After I shot 4 mini sessions in Shreveport, mom & I went over to the Lechner's house to celebrate Will's 18th birthday. I have known the Lechners my whole life. They are nothing less than just an extension of my family. I honestly think of Angie and Charlie as my big brother and sister. When I was younger (like around 4 or 5) Angie came and lived with us for a summer when she was in college. We shared a room and a queen sized bed, so to me, that makes us sisters. :) I was a flower girl in their wedding and recently their youngest, Abby, was a flower girl in our wedding. I actually planned our whole wedding around their furlough. Buie and I weren't planning on getting married until 2009 or even 2010 but I knew the Lechners wouldn't be able to be there. You see they used to live in Africa as missionaries and honestly we only saw them about every 3 or 4 years. The summer after I graduated college (in 2005), I went to stay with them for a month. The next time I saw them was 2008. I knew when they went back to Africa it would be another few years before I would see them, so Buie and I pushed up our wedding and I'm so glad I did. Charlie married us and Abby was our flower girl. It was so special to me that they were there. 

These are some of my favorite people in the entire world!

The Lechners now live in the U.S. and not just the States but in Louisiana...and not just Louisiana but 10 minutes outside my hometown. These amazing people have had such an impact on my life. I always find myself laughing til I cry everytime I'm with them.

I had my camera with me and we had an impromptu photo shoot last Saturday. These definitely weren't "professional" or posed in any way but they totally describe the Lechner family. They are crazy, fun, love to laugh and most of all they are genuine people.

I took a picture with each one of them because it's rare that we're all together. (please don't judge me by my appearance in these pics. I had been shooting all morning and didn't have time to shower) :)

I wanted to share these pictures with you and just commemorate this family that God has placed in my life. I have known Angie and Charlie for almost 30 years and I have loved watching their children grow into fun loving, God fearing, crazy kiddos. :) I love y'all!


Kecia said...

Great post, Cara Beth. I love those people too!

ashley said...

So fun! I just can't believe how much those kids (well, not kids anymore!) have changed. LOVE that glad they are closer to you now for easy visits!

Angie said...

We love YOU CB! Thanks for the awesome pictures. You made us look good.