Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Bean Bag Baby

I recently made a new purchase for my photography business: The Shoot Baby bean bag. This is a posing bean bag for newborns. If you have shot newborn babies, you know the difficulty in posing them and making them feel secure, warm and cozy. 

I haven't tried out this product on an actual newborn baby yet but it has been going through a rigorous testing phase here at the Buie's Zoo.

Every day since my mom & I filled up the bag with thousands of tiny beans, the bag has been sitting on top of our guest bed...

And so has Hazel. She seriously loves it. She gets up to eat and then goes right back to the bean bag. Hazel has honestly racked up HOURS on this thing. I'm pretty sure if/when I take it away from her, she will go through withdrawals. 

As I was snapping these images, two little ears popped up on the other side. hehe. I think Charlie is eyeing this new oversized kitty bed. I predict that he is plotting his plan of how to take over this new bed. I can hear his little evil kitty laugh now "Mhuah ha ha ha! Just you wait, Hazel. It won't be long and that bed will be MINE!" 

*Shootbaby did not ask me to write this post and so far I cannot recommend this product as it is intended. However, it makes an excellent kitty bed. :)

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