Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I have gone back and forth about how much to share on this blog. I think this is a common concern with so many bloggers, especially those who are writing about their real life. I can fill pages and pages with adorable pictures of my doggies & kitties but it's like looking at somebody's grand babies, you can only take so much. After a while, they all are start to look the same, am I right? I have never considered myself a blogger or even someone who writes for others. I started this little blog to document our engagement, wedding and marriage. I'm sure my biggest fans are my mother in law (Hi, Mrs. Carole!) and my mother (Hi, mom!) But still, I have to wonder who else out there is reading this. What should I write about today and better yet, what should I NOT write about? I think a majority of couples would agree that the details of our marriage are off limits. While that may be what you readers want to hear (inquisitive minds what to know, am I right?), that would only do our marriage harm, in my opinion. Some things should remain sacred and marriage is number one on that list.

But what about my health? Earlier this year, I wrote My Health History, Part 1 and was amazed at the number of hits that post received. It is still the number one most popular post I've written. To me, that speaks volumes! Like I said, I write this blog for me. That may seem selfish, but I don't maintain this blog for monetary purposes. No one asks me to write posts. I just write what is going on in our lives. Some Most times it's boring and many weeks I just have nothing to write about. My health, however, is another story. I could fill pages writing about the weird things my body is doing any particular day. I've often considered starting another blog just to journal about nothing but my health. I'm pretty sure no one would have any interest in that blog, except for maybe my doctor. But still, I can't help but wish I had journaled all along this crazy journey to see how far I've come. I can't help but wonder how many people are going through what I'm going through. I have watched friends pour out their hearts on their blog and find so many others who are struggling with the exact same issues.

Here are two main reasons why I want to write more about my health:
    - I want to document my journey. Like I said, this is something I wish I had done all along. My goal is to one day hold my healthy baby in my arms and know that all of these tests were worth it. I want to be able to look back and read this blog and watch myself getting healthier and healthier each year and month. I want to wake up one morning without aches and pains and without a pounding migraine and be able to read this blog and remember how far I've come.

   - Another reason I want to blog more about my health is maybe it will help someone. If you are one of my close friends, then you know of my health struggles these last few years. It's not something I like to broadcast but it's there. Perhaps just opening up, even just a little bit, and putting my own pride and privacy aside for a moment may help someone else to ask questions about their own health. Because if I've learned anything these past several years, your health is EVERYTHING. I hope to encourage people who have been feeling poorly to get it checked out, get second opinions, go to a better doctor, eat healthier, and don't be satisfied with feeling horrible all the time!

So in conclusion, watch out for more posts about my health. I hope that it helps not just me to write about my journey.

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