Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day weekend recap

Memorial Day weekend is one weekend we always look forward to. Three years ago, we started a tradition with some of our dear friends, David and Melissa. We have a standing date with David & Melissa that weekend. The first year we had our house warming party and invited over many of our closest friends for a cookout. Then we took David & Melissa to Riverfest. We loved having them come up to visit so much that we decided to do it again the next year. We did not, however, enjoy Riverfest, so we changed the plans.

Last year we drove up to Glenwood, AR, rented a couple of canoes & floated the Caddo River. We loved it! So that's what we did again this year! So much fun! Riverfest is just not our style. Too many people. Too much noise. But put me in a canoe with my man by my side and I'm as happy as a lark! :)

We started out the weekend by cooking dinner for David, Melissa, Alicia and Brian Friday night. Buie grilled steaks and I made roasted asparagus and Pionneer Women's creamy mashed potatoes. Yummy! And as requested I made my sister-in-law's trifle recipe that is a staple dessert in our household. After dinner we played games until after midnight and laughed til we cried.

Saturday morning came quickly. We loaded our coolers and dry bags for the river. We got on the river about 10am this year - about an hour later than last year. I think next year we should definitely get on earlier because there is less traffic on the river at 9. We like floating by ourselves - much more peaceful. :)

We had prepared sandwiches for the river, mine without bread, of course, and chips. We devored our lunch, rested for a bit, then headed back on the river to finish up around 3ish. I actually don't exactly know what time it was when we got out of the river since I wasn't wearing a watch. I just know that I was STARVING!

Buie made a wonderful Mexican fiesta for us that evening and we all turned in early beat by the sun and our muscles sore from paddling.

Sunday morning the guys played golf while Melissa and I met Alicia for brunch at Bravo. They have a great brunch menu there. We shopped for a bit and found some great deals at Anthropologie before heading to Lucy & Max's birthday party.

After the birthday party the 3 girls met back up with our men at P.F. Changs for a nice dinner to wrap up our long weekend. We are lucky to have such wonderful friends. I wish we could have more weekends like this. Can we have a Memorial Day like 3 or 4 times a year? Maybe I should start planning our Labor Day weekend.

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