Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love you dad because...

This year for Father's Day, my 2 brothers and I made a list of things we love about our dad and shared it with him yesterday - his 2 daughter in laws contributed as well. I thought I'd share this list with y'all.

I love you, dad, because...

I love dad because... he never questioned his love for mom.

I love dad because... he is an honest businessman.

I love dad because... he’s always even keel... except for the time we stepped on his foot after surgery. :)

I love dad because... he coached me in baseball.

I love dad because... he never allowed us to wear shorts on Sunday nights. -
He taught us how to dress respectably.

I love dad because... he never bought a new car. (we buy 'em used in our family!)

I love dad because... he has always been there for me & I know he always will be.

I love dad because... he led our family in devotionals at breakfast every morning.

I love dad because... he is a hardworker.

I love dad because... he is always happy to see us.

I love dad because... he set a wonderful example of a loving, kind, and godly husband & father that my husband now imitates.

I love dad because... he is “Mr. Safety Man” - He taught me the importance of driving safely.

I love dad because.. he is a great father in law & a great Pop.

I love dad because.. of his kind eyes & how they light up when he sees his children & grandchildren.

I love dad because... he gets excited over the “simple” things.

I love dad because... he is loyal to his family & also to his sports teams.

I love dad because... of his contagious laugh. :)

I love you, dad, just because.

One thing I realized that I left off the list (among many other things) is my dad's great sense of humor. I love you, dad because... you send me great text messages like this one:

And because of that great sense of humor, I'm posting this video I found today while surfing the web. I think he'll appreciate it. :)

Also, I have to give a shout out to my two brothers who both became fathers this year. It is a truly neat thing to watch my brothers become dads. The way they protect and love their children is amazing to watch. I love you Chris & Craig and I LOVE being an aunt to Landon & Makaylan. I can't wait to watch them grow into amazing people! :)

And to the daddy of our furry animals & the future father of our children, I love you! You are the best daddy to Scooter, Conner & Hazel. I can't wait to see you as a daddy to our human children one day. I know you will be the best dad ever!

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