Monday, June 20, 2011

My days in Minden: ThFS

downtown Minden

I had such a full week in Minden last week that I had to split it up into 2 posts. These posts are most likely boring to most of my readers. For the purpose of journaling I like to write about what I did with my time in Minden, otherwise I'll forget.

If you missed the first part of my week, click here:

Thursday was all about mom day! I slept in a little late & then ate a yummy chicken salad that my mom made topped with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and walnuts! I could eat one everyday! After lunch we went downtown for a little antique shopping. We found a couple of pieces on sale!
I helped mom with a little gardening Thursday afternoon. A few of her container gardens needed sprucing up. In return, she took me to her bunko group where I won a prize! Thursday was a good day.

Friday morning I had my third & last shoot of the week in downtown Minden. There are so many neat buildings with old doors & windows; the alleys make for a great shoot location! Late Friday afternoon, my brother, Chris, came into town with his wife, Amanda, and baby Makalan. Chris thinks she looks a little like me when I was a baby. :) This, of course, makes me happy.

Craig, Nicole & Landon joined the fun shortly after they did & for the first time since Christmas our whole family was together...well, almost all of us. Unfortunately Buie didn't make this trip because of his work schedule I'm so glad we got a group pic! When I suggested we go outside for this picture, my vote got vetoed FAST! I was 100 degrees!

Saturday we celebrated the dads of the family: Chris, Craig, Charlie and Dad. The Lechners came over also to help celebrate. Dad was showered with gifts and kind words and cards. The night ended with a nice serenade by Coleson. I need to take guitar lessons from him. My guitar has been sitting in my closet unused for years. Coleson is the oldest of the Lechner kids and I'm pumped that he has chosen
Ouachita as his college choice. Not only is it our alma matter but he will be so close to us!

I also had a nice visit from an old friend, Brocky! I love seeing my old highschool buddies while I'm in town. I graduated from a class of 20 so we were all pretty close. I think this past week I saw at least 25 % of my class. :) I'm looking forward to our class reunion this fall.

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ashley said...

I love seeing pictures of your family...and the Lechners!!! Looks like some fun times in Minden!