Monday, June 6, 2011

Weight Watchers

Yes. It's that time of year when everyone is shedding the clothes and breakin' out those swimsuits. If you're like me, you're regretting that second (or third) bowl of chili during those many snow days we had this winter. Sigh. So... I'm getting back on track. I have RE-activated my Weight Watchers account. I am almost at my heaviest I've ever been. Almost. I was heavier right before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in February of 2007. I was ALWAYS hungry and couldn't figure out why. I learned later that I was actually malnourished because of the Celiac Disease, but I was gaining weight because I had an undiagnosed Thyroid Disease that greatly affected my metabolism. So, I started on a gluten free diet in that February. Between February of 2007 and July 2008, I lost 40 pounds!! yay for me! I was the right size for my height, age. I felt healthy and looked great!

Over the last three years that Buie & I have been married the weight has been creeping back on. I'm saddened to say that I have successfully (or should I say unsuccessfully) put back on about 99% of the weight that I lost before our wedding. :(

For the purpose of comparison, I have put together a simple montage of how my weight has fluctuated over the last 5 years. Because I don't like taking pictures of my entire body I couldn't come up with three pictures showing anything below my waist. It wasn't at all surpring that I found PLENTY of below the waist pictures in the year of 2008 - my skinny year - the year of our wedding. Therefore we will just compare faces. :) If I gain weight, my face is one of the first places that shows. I am currently sportin' the "fat face look" shown here in 2006 and again in 2011. Can you tell how much slimmer and healthier my face looks in 2008? This is the goal. Slimmer face = slimmer body = able to fit into my skinny jeans! :)

I have been a member of Weight Watchers off an on for the last 5 years. Last year I found that I wasn't using it and felt that I was wasting the monthly fee, so I canceled it. Big mistake! Since canceling it I have pretty much been eating whatever & whenever I want. Bad idea. But I told myself enough is enough; I have gained all the weight I will gain (until pregnancy, of course). So, I reinstated my WW account and I'm positive this time around. I'm positive that I will lose weight. I'm positive that I can fit in my wedding dress again (not that I really NEED to, but it's the principal). I'm positive that by Christmas I will get into my "skinny jeans."

So for the purpose of journaling, I will update my progress here on our blog. Are you
trying to shed some pounds too? Have a pair of jeans you would love to wear again? Leave me a comment and we can struggle through this together! Maybe we'll end up looking like Jennifer Hudson! Wouldn't that be nice! Wish me luck! I'm off to take the dogs for a quick run!


Audreya said...

Good luck to you!! Losing weight is so emotionally draining. I'm down 35 pounds since the first of the year, but still wearing most of the clothes I was before. Nevertheless, I know being down 35 is a major deal... so I'm trying to look at the plus side (I feel better and I can't afford new clothes anyway!) But, as depressing as I made that sound, I actually am really proud of myself. And of you!! Getting started is always the hardest part!

The Doose's said...

Yay! I'm on ww too, I've lost somewhere between 7 and 12 lbs. Its kind of slow going but thats good and healthy! Let me know if you need encouragement! You look fabulous no matter what!