Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Harvey's still here

Our foster dog arrived at our home about a month or so ago as Joe Joe from C.A.R.E. We renamed him Harvey because we think that names fits him better. After weighing the pros and cons we decided not to keep little Harvey even though he is just as cute as can be. He is up for adoption through the local organization Central Arkansas Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) and we are so surprised that he has not been adopted yet. Harvey is smart, handsome and energetic.
He would be great in a household with children who have time to play fetch with him. Harvey will do well in a home with other dogs too. He loves to play and wrestle with our Scooter. He doesn't particularly care for our cat Hazel but he doesn't chase her. He mainly ignores her so if he were to go to a home with a cat it wouldn't be horrible. His perfect home would be a home with a big back yard to run and play...or even a home in the country with a pond. He loves playing in the water when I am watering the yard and our flowerbeds. :)
Do you need a new puppy in your life or know someone who does? Please contact C.A.R.E. and apply to adopt Harvey. But remember, his "official" name is Joe Joe. He won't be listed as Harvey on the C.A.R.E. website. That is only his name here at the Buie household. Hopefully he won't be too confused when he does get adopted.

Go check out his page and spread the word that Harvey needs a forever home.

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