Monday, June 6, 2011


Last week I babysit the kids of some of our dear friends, Ryan & Christen. They have three adorable kids: Lucy, Olive & Max. It is a rare occasion that I get to babysit them but I see them every week at church. Ryan is our pastor and leader at Eikon church. Random fact: Ryan & Christen were actually our photographers at our wedding, too!
The last time we babysat, Max wasn't even around yet: we just kept the two girls. But this time I just had Olive & Max. Lucy went to her grandmom's house for the evening.

First, I fed Max dinner. He pretty much eats what my nephew Landon eats - mashed up goodness. Olive can feed herself - such a big girl! We played in their playroom, tried on princess outfits, and went swimming! Olive insisted that she was a mermaid all evening and worked on her mermaid pose. ;)

This week I will be babysitting for my nephew, Landon. I'm very much looking forward to it! I am loving all of this babysitting time I'm getting! Maybe one day when we do decide to have children I won't be COMPLETELY overwhelmed... but somehow I think I still will be. :)

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