Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stubbornness pays off. (sometimes)

I am stubborn, to put it nicely. I do things my way but in a nice way. I am not rude & don't back talk, unless we're talking about my teens years. There was plenty of back talkin' going on between the ages of 13 and well around 23. That's 10 good years of talking back to mainly my mom. (sorry, mom) I was grounded at least 6 of those years. I'm 27 now and I would like to think that I've matured... maybe a little? But my stubbornness is inherit. Both my parents are a little on the stubborn side.

Stubborn. but in a nice way.

I have always learned my lessons the hard way. You know that saying "Learn from example" Well, that phrase was invented by people who don't have any fun in life. I mean, how much fun is it just watch someone else experience life? NOT MUCH FUN AT ALL. You tell me NOT to do something, I want to know why. It's dangerous. I want to know why it's dangerous. I can't just take your word for it... well, because that would be too easy.

So, when I'm sick and my mom & my husband tell me to go to the doctor because well, that's what they're there for... I can't just get up off the couch and go immediately. I have to wait until I feel like I'm dying before I even try to get an appointment to see the doctor. Maybe by the time I actually get in to see the doctor, I will in fact be dead. Then I would have learned my lesson the hard way as I always do.


But when I hurt my arm while floating the river last Saturday and my mom & husband tell me to go get it checked out, CERTAINLY I learned my lesson and I made an appointment right way. The fact that I couldn't move my arm in any direction passed about a 10 degree angle should have been a sign that there was something seriously wrong with my arm, right?

After icing it and resting it for one week I can finally say that my arm feels much better. I can put on a shirt without screaming in pain. I can now brush my teeth with my right arm instead of looking like some sort of zombie and brushing with my left arm.

So you see sometimes stubbornness pays off. And sometimes stubbornness saves you a $50 co pay at the doctor's office. :)

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