Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend Review (Part Two): The Wrong Turn

So I totally just realized I never finished summing up our chaotic weekend in Shreveport. Click here for Part One, all about the fabulous wedding!

Sunday started out as a day of relaxing and just enjoying the beautiful weather and shopping with my husband. But when we were pulling back in to the hotel, we definitely made the wrong turn and THIS happened!

This red truck is the other driver. Fortunately no one was badly injured, except for the vehicles and this lamp post that was split in two. Buie's truck just has this big dent over the wheel and we had to buy a new wheel and get the axle and A-frame replaced (whatever that means). So this week, I am without a car. :( Somehow Buie wrecks HIS truck and I am the one without a car? How does THAT happen - someone please explain! Anyway, I am a bum this week hitching rides so if you see me on the side of the road with my thumb in the air, don't hesitate to stop and pick me up! :)

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