Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wish List: UPDATED!

It's that time! Get out your catalogs and sharpie markers and start circling because it's time for your Christmas Wish List! This is mainly for my parents, brothers, in-laws, and husband who keep on asking, "what do you want for Christmas?" If only EVERYONE did this then there would be a lot less exchanging and returning on December 26th.

Chirp Clock

The Kelly Moore Bag
-a photographer's bag

Paper Towel Holder
from Ballard Designs - This would look great in our kitchen and come in handy!

Jewelry Box:
I've had my eye on this jewelry box for a while. I actually purchased it over the phone about a year ago, gave them my credit card number and waited... it never came. So naturally I called Pottery Barn and the jewelry box was SOLD OUT so they never charged my card and just forgot to call me. I was so excited to see that they brought it back this Christmas season. I just hope I get one before they sell out again.

Kitchen Aid Mixer:
This one has been on my list for a while. We registered for it for Christmas and received many fabulous gifts...but not a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I'm unsure as to the color I want although this color would look great in our kitchen.

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Jen said...

my mom got us a RED kitchen aid mixer for Christmas!!! I hope someone gets you one!