Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Came to Town

Since we will be traveling Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my husband and I exchanged gifts a little early. We like to get things unwrapped, cleaned up and put away so we can start the packing process with a (somewhat) clean house. So my husband went a little overboard this year but what I'm most excited about are these things:

my Pottery Barn jewelry box that I have been coveting for oh so long! If you will recall, I've had it on my wish list for quite some time. It is gorgeous in person, even more so than in the catalog! :) I especially love the fact that it has a lock and key (with a little tassel hanging off the key). It is special to me that I will fill this jewelry box with jewelry belonging to my grandmother and it is even more special to me that my husband gave it to me. I LOVE IT!
  • My first casmere item: a Christmas red scarf with the initial 'B' on it. So sweet. (I'll take pictures of it later)

  • a breadmaker so I can make yummy gluten free bread for my sandwiches
  • a Garmin because I always get lost. ;)

Also, he bought us a couple gift - an HD pocket video camera (Woo hoo) ... Wait for it.... to use on our trip to Colorado! This is the first time EVER my husband has planned, booked and paid for a trip without my knowing anything at all about it! I'm so proud and so surprised! We will be going to a Golf and Spa Resort with a couple friend Caleb and Lisa. The trip isn't until June, but this gives me more time to save and plan and (lose weight) before we go! :) One thing that we didn't do on our honeymoon (that I sort of regret) is get a couple's massage, so we are DEFINITELY doing that on this trip!

I'm so blessed to have a thoughtful husband who puts time and effort in to our Christmas to make it meaningful each year. We are blessed to even have Christmas gifts this year during this economic recession. The Lord is good! I sincerely hope that you, too, have a blessed Christmas, not necessarily blessed with material things but blessed with family and friends around you this holiday season.

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Jen said...

yay! I am particularly excited about your jewelry box and scarf! Merry Christmas!!