Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Review

This weekend was so fun! I have a close knit group of girl friends and each Christmas we try to get together to do something fun. Last year we TRIED to plan a trip but failed miserably, but we at least try to get together and just sit and talk and without a doubt there is ALWAYS eating involved. This year was no different. My friend Jessica made a wonderful baked chicken marinated in spices and honey. Oh my gosh! It was so good! I wanted to swim in it!~

We used to draw names for each other to decide who we would buy presents for but then a couple of years ago we decided to pick an angel tree kid instead. This year our kid is 10 years old and his name is Issac. He asked for clothes, a coat, toys, you know the normal 10-year old stuff but he also asked for a bike! Well, we were determined to get this kid a bike so we pooled our money and bought him a bike! If only we could see his face on Christmas morning we he saw his very own bike and probably his very FIRST bike!

This year our girl's Christmas was extra special because Whitney got us all a unique gift. She hand painted us each our very own ornament with these words on it, "Will you be a Bridesmaid 10-16-2010?" Isn't that such a cool way to ask? We were all there together and all opened our presents at the same time. To read more about it from Whitney's perspective, skip on over to her blog.

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