Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday House Tour

This weekend was spent finishing up some Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping! I'm so exhausted! I don't understand how decorating and shopping can be draining and satisfying all at the same time! I have come to the conclusion that four hours is my limit for both. Four hours of decorating or shopping is about all I can take in a day but when you do both in one day that's EIGHT hours of Christmas madness! Last year we were in a tiny condo and kept Christmas pretty simple. Everything was handed down to me from my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mom. I have been very blessed to have their Christmas hand-me-downs. And I am lucky I LOVE all things vintage! Like this handmade ornament (below) handed down from my great grandmother on my mother's side. She was a true artist! She painted Easter eggs in the Springs, made Christmas ornaments in the winter and painted ceramic dolls all year round. I like to think that I have some of her artistic genes in me.
Here is another ornaments hand painted by my "NaNa." She made one of these for everyone in the family one year. It is one of my favorite ornaments. It used to play a little Christmas song but I don't think it works anymore.
I love these old carolers that I got from my grandmother. I remember these would be displayed every year on her mantel with many more. When we cleaned out my grandparents house, we divided up the carolers among the girls in the family. I got six but I really want some more. I found some more at the Crown Shop so I will soon add more to my collection! Can't wait! They remind me of the Charles Dickens movie, "A Christmas Carol."

This banner was rolled up in an old trunk of my grandparents. Isn't it gorgeous!
And of course I had to drag back out the LSU/ARK ornaments that I picked up in New Orleans a couple of years ago. This year LSU hangs a little higher on the tree next to Arkansas. GEAUX TIGERS!
Even my kitchen is decked out in red and green with green whisks and red spatulas. :)
I like to keep my tree simple. I've never been a fan of piling on the ribbon and colored mesh. Although, those trees are super gorgeous, it's just not really my taste. I prefer simple. I fill the tree with my favorite ornaments from years past and maybe a couple of new ones I picked up this past year. I usually do white lights, although I've toyed with going multi colored in keeping with the vintage theme... maybe next year.

Of course, there are stockings. Four for the animals
And two for us, hung on the mantel with my new fleur de lis hangers.
Also, I tried something new this year and hung some ornaments in my dining room window. It just gives the room a little something extra, don't you think?

I had to hang them high enough so the cats won't play with them. :)
That's certainly not all of my decorations but that is just a little taste. I love looking at other people's decorations and getting ideas!


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It all looks so pretty! I love the red in green cooking utensils! That is such a great idea!