Friday, December 18, 2009

It's about that time!

This Christmas is new and different for us in a lot of ways. We are in a new house that we have thoroughly enjoyed decorating. Although, I didn't get much decorating help from B this year, I still enjoyed having more space to spread out all of my Christmas goodies that have been past down to me from generations before me. I will cherish them for years to come! I told him next year to GET READY! We are going all out on the decorations on the outside of the house. :) I might even make him climb up on the roof!

This year we are also enjoying a new town. Although we only live 20 minutes away from our former place we called home, we are still finding that this city has many perks of its own. Tomorrow night we plan to drive around the square and see the lights!
This Christmas we have yet another addition to our family, Scooter. We will enjoy filling his stocking with goodies and seeing him enjoy his first Christmas as a Buie. We also have another *new* surprise this Christmas but I can't post about it until AFTER Christmas. So check back! :)

And here a shout out to my college roommate, Becca! It's her 27th birthday! Happy Birthday, Becca! Love you lots!
I really love this picture, especially Becca's clown costume! I have it framed in my house and it just makes me happy everytime I see it! This was taken before RUSH one night. We were doing 50's night and her sorority were obviously doing clowns. :)

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