Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Review: Thanksgiving!

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I surely hope so! This year it was our turn to go to the Buies house, so away we went! We left Wednesday evening after I had to work all day - Yuck! Me, Buie, and Conner (or 'lil C, as I sometimes refer to him as) loaded up and an hour later, we were there! It was such a little bitty winding country road that I got sick and had to lay down, but it was soo nice for the trip to only take an hour as oppossed to the four hours it takes me to reach MY parents home in Louisiana. I was sad Scooter did not make this trip but we thought it best for him to be boarded since Buie's parents have a small dog, Jill. Scooter hasn't met Jill yet and to be honest, probably never will. Jill is a VERY shy dog, even around Conner. We wouldn't want to overwhelm her too much by bringing Scooter too. So the three of us enjoyed the company of my inlaws, Buie's aunt and uncle and first cousin. It was a small group compared to what I'm used to but we had fun none the less. Buie, me and lil C

The food:
We had a gluten free Honey-Baked ham and Turkey, deviled eggs, pea salad, sweet potatoes, gluten free dressing and gravy, brocoli cheese cassarole, and the list goes on. I was in charge of bringing a gluten free dessert and it was my first time to bake a gluten free poppy seed cake. Sadly, the cake did NOT turn out well, but it's a good thing Mrs. Carole had PLENTY of other treats! And it's probably a good thing there wasn't any gluten free dessert available- I don't need it anyway. I am determined even more now to make a really good gluten free dessert for Christmas! Any suggestions?

And, of course, we took group family pictures! Take a look!
This is me and my husband, my husband's parents and his brother and of course our furry children, Jill and Conner. Jill belongs to my in laws and Conner looks really full from Thanksgiving. :)

Here's the whole gang, well, minus me - Someone had to take the picture! :)

I truly hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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