Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Engagement pics!

I had the honor of taking my older brother's engagement pics this past Sunday... Let me tell you the story...

My brother, 30, is an amazing fella! He is everyone's friend and is an older brother to so many...yes especially girls. Chris has always been a "ladies man" but not in the player type. Err, maybe I'm not explaining this very well. Chris has always been surrounded by his "girl friends" but mostly they have just thought of him of a best friend, a brother, a pal, an amigo. Get my point? Yes, he's dated every now and then but nothing stuck. In my opinion, no one was good enough for my brother. ;)

Then along came Amanda! And we couldn't be happier - they are the same age and get this! - they went to elementary school together. When Amanda ran into my mom and started talking, the rest was history. My mom immediately heard wedding bells ringing in her ears. She encouraged them to reconnect through facebook and that they did. Only one small problem, Chris was living in Africa for the next SIX MONTHS! So they facebooked, emailed, and talked on the phone for six whole months before reconnecting in person- since sixth grade! We were all so nervous to see how the chemistry would be between them. But no worries! They saw each other in June after talking via email since January and were engaged this past October! Truly a match made in heaven!

Wedding date - January 16th! Can you image all this happening so fast! I mean, a year ago to date neither one of them had marriage on the brain. Now they are on the fast track to walking down the aisle to a life of wedded bliss! And we are all grinning from ear to ear!

Here are a few pictures from our engagement shoot this past Sunday.


ashley said...

So excited for Chris! - what a beautiful couple! I still had not heard the entire story so thanks for filling me in! Great pictures.

Brett and Jill said...

These are great pics!