Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Review (Part One): Wedding Style!!

I feel like I need to split up this Weekend Review into about five posts but I will manage to summarize as much as possible! WARNING: Lots of pictures! Friday Night: I headed down to Louisiana for one of my best friend's wedding. Melissa is a dear dear friend of mine. We are seriously like kindred spirits. She is everything I am striving to be everyday- thoughful, compassionate, a true Southern lady. She knows how to have a good time and be so classy doing it. :) To see her around David almost brings me to tears because I can honestly say no two are more perfect for each other. They truly ADORE each other. She treats him with such respect and I can honestly say I have learned from her how to treat my husband better and adore and respect him even more than I already do. Needlessto say, Melissa is special to me and I was truly honored to be a part of her special day.

Rehearsal Dinner was held at the University Club and was simply elegant. Melissa and David said something unique about each and every bridesmaid and groomsman. There were many tears of joy and so many hugs.
Saturday: This day was a day of pampering the bride and bridemaids. We started at 10 am to get everyone's hair done. I'm pretty sure mine was the only one that took less than 5 minutes to fix! It was already curly and they just added in some extra bounce. It looked fabulous if I do say so myself - as did everyone else's! With makeup and hair complete, there was a short amount of time just to hang out and relax with Melissa and the bridemaid's. This, of course, was one of my favorite parts. We kept saying over and over "You're getting married today!" I remember that feeling on my wedding day of just feeling like I was in a dream - and Melissa too kept saying, I'm REALLY getting married today!" :) Here is Melissa holding her block calendar with her wedding date! The day is finally here - November 21st. Well, you know how a wedding goes... pictures, pictures, primping and MORE PICTURES! I really loved our dress and loved my shoes, even though they KILLED my feet.

Take a look at the location! AMAZING! There were no words, nor are there pictures to describe just how breathtaking the Scottish Rites Cathedral was!

Saturday Night: Well, the wedding is here and Melissa looked gorgeous, as usual! The wedding was so short and sweet - MY kind of wedding, especially is THOSE heels! I think the ceremony lasted about 17 minutes, but it was perfect!

The reception was so much fun - New Orleans style food and live jazz band and lots of dancing! My favorite part was the traditional New Orleans second line!
Afterwards, the whole bridal party went out in a limo to a dance club. Melissa wore her dress and the girls wore our bridesmaid dresses! So fun! My feet were hurting so badly that I changed into my cowboy boots! :) I had a blast dancing in my boots with my best friends!

Ok. Believe it or not, there is more! I have to tell you the story about Sunday but I will save it for another time.

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