Friday, November 30, 2012

Nicaragua Bound!

Next week I will be traveling to Nicaragua again. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to travel with my mom and absolutely fell in love with the people there. I couldn't wait to go back. 
 Each year we bring hundreds of toys, clothes, rice, and beans for the people in the town of Diriamba and the surrounding communities. Hundreds of people line up waiting for food and toys. In a way we joked that we kind of felt like Santa Clause but on a serious note, it reminded me how the people flocked to Jesus wherever he went. I am in no way comparing us to Jesus but we are bringing the love of Jesus in what we do.
 We pass out candy, trinkets, games and friendship bracelets. For some children, this is the first toy they've received all year or ever!
 Last year my mom and I had such a great time. It is an exhausting yet fulfilling week. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to take this trip with my mom. She has always encouraged me to be aware of the world around us, to give to those who are in need and to love with an open heart. Diriamba, Nicaragua is just one of the few places that God has asked me to do these very things.
 I would like to ask you, my friends, for prayer for this trip. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. If we pray over this trip I know amazing things will happen.

Please pray for the people of Diriamba. I have been specifically praying that God would place people in our lives who need who see and hear of His love.
There is one day that we will go to the local dump and pass out food, clothing and really anything we can to the people who live there. Yes, I said LIVE there. The dump is their home. Oh, how fortunate we are, America. I just ordered a huge storage unit to store all of my earthly belongings and these people literally live off of other people's trash.

 Please pray for safe traveling. Our traveling days by plane will be Monday, December 3rd and Saturday, December 8th. We will also be traveling by van to a different destination each day. They don't exactly abide by the same (or any) road laws. We laughed about how crazy the drivers are there but it's a little scary when you're in a van with all the other crazy drivers on the road.
 Please pray for the health of our group. If you follow my blog, then you know I have an auto immune disease. Last year, God provided me strength to do literally everything our group had scheduled to do. This shocked me considering my normal low energy levels. And when I wear myself down, I always get sick. I pray that I maintain my health so that I may serve God to the best of my abilities. And I pray this for each of our group members as well as the family we will be staying with. We will be working long days and need a renewed strength each day. Only the Lord can provide that... and a good strong cup of Nicaraguan coffee. :)
 One last prayer request is for our sponsored children. We sponsor children through the Nicaraguan Christian Outreach as well as through Compassion International. I will actually get to meet BOTH of our sponsored kids! I am just thrilled! I can't wait to meet them and their families, give them the gifts I bought them, take pictures with them, and most of all share Christ with them.

Thank you for your support and prayers.  If you are on Instagram, follow me at cbbuie. I'll try to post at least one photo a day to keep y'all up to date on our trip.

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