Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clearing Things Up

Getting sick is never fun especially when the only treatment is to just wait it out. The past few days have been a haze of snot, coughing & nose blowing .  I'm honestly not sure if what I had was just the common cold or more like a sinus infection but whatever it was, it was vicious. I'm a big advocate of holistic medicines when they apply. I am not 100% holistic when it comes to medicines, more like 80/20. There are some things Western medicine does better. But when possible, I like to boost my immune system the natural way without taking OTC medicines.

This weekend my head was so stopped up it was hard to breathe. I went to Whole Foods and stocked up: echinacea, vitamin C, local honey & organic lemon. And yes, I stopped at Walgreens and purchased a few over the counters in case the all naturals didn't cut it: Sudafed and Clariten. But by far the award goes to....... drum roll please........ The Netti Pot. The NasaFlo is the brand I used. I think it's the off brand but it works just as well.

Now let explain: I'm not an herbalist or hippie. I'm not some far out person who tries weird things. I would consider myself pretty normal. I was actually extremely skeptical about this product. I have seen this product in use and it absolutely grossed me out. (Warning: do NOT watch YouTube videos of people using this product if you are skeptical about this product. It will weird you out.)

The reasons I broke down and tried this:
1) Nothing else I used even came close to clearing up my sinuses
2) Everyone who used it (and used it properly) LOVED it and highly recommended it to me
3) I thought I was going to die soon if I didn't at least try

This product cleans out your sinuses and helps you breathe. It might be awkward, gross and well uncomfortable but you will immediately reap the benefits if you use it probably. The best advice I was given is that you should READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS that come with it. And if water is draining down your throat, then you are doing it wrong.

*Please know that I am not a doctor or a nurse and have no medical expertise. This is simply a product I tried and like. Neither Netti Pot nor NasaFlo is not paying me to write this. Remember to always consult your own doctor before deciding if something like this is right for you. 

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Katherine Grant said...

I love my Netti Pot! It really does work better than any medicine I've ever taken, and it was a life saver when I was pregnant and couldn't take anything!