Monday, November 26, 2012

The Buie's Are Moving!

Yup. You read that right. We're moving. If you follow me on twitter then you saw my announcement last week that the Buie's are moving to Louisiana. I have been going back and forth about when and how to tell my you, my friends, the news. Of course, we had to tell our family first and then I've just been telling my close friends as I see them over the past week or two. We are in the crazy stages right now. There are boxes everywhere in our house. P.O.D.S. has been ordered and should be delivered in the next week or two. We are kind of freaking out about how much has to be done. I'll let y'all know more details later especially when we put our house on the market.

So what does this mean? Well, if you follow me on the blog, then nothing will change! I'll be blogging about our move, our house hunting process and our sanity as we try to maintain it along the way. If you live in the Central Arkansas area and are our friend and/or client, I honestly don't want this move to affect our friendship or our clients. We will only be moving 3 hours away and plan to come back all the time! (yay!) I actually am already planning Spring mini sessions for Central Arkansas. Just as I did mini sessions in Louisiana while I lived in Arkansas, I plan to do mini sessions in Arkansas while living in Louisiana. So yes, we can still be friends! :) And yes, I can still take your pictures. yay! So not much will change. Unless, of course you want to drop by for a chat and a cup of coffee... it might take you a little longer to "drop by."

So when will this move take place? Oh, how I wish I knew exactly. The simplest answer I can come up with is 6 months or less. Like I said, our house isn't even on the market yet.

We are super excited yet a little saddened by the fact we will be leaving this home behind. We have so many great memories in this home. I hope the family who lives here next will make so many more wonderful memories.

Please keep us in your prayers as we listen to God's guidance over the next few weeks and months. This has been a strenuous process and definitely one that requires a lot of faith. But honestly we just feel this is where God is leading our family for many reasons. As our plans unfold, I'll be sure to keep y'all updated. Thanks for the support and excitement that y'all have already shown us.

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Heather said...

Well Congratulations! Best wishes to you!